Wexler's Mortgages


Between 2004 and 2006 Congressman Robert Wexler extended two $150,000 mortgages to a Mr. Roy Amico from his campaign account, Robert Wexler for Congress Committee. Funds for either mortgage were never shown leaving or entering Mr. Wexler's campaign account, and no mention is ever made in his FEC report filings.

The first of these mortgages were extended and executed according to public record in March of 2004. This first mortgage was shown satisfied four years later in January of 2008. The second mortgage was extend to Mr. Roy Amico in January of 2006 against the same property as the first mortgage. However, this mortgage was not recorded with the Clerk of the Courts until March 2008, over 2 years after the documents were allegedly executed and funds transferred (note the filing of the second mortgage was completed after the first mortgage was shown as satisfied). The second mortgage was shown as satisfied on July 28, 2008

Property Owners:
Roy Amico
Armand Amico

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